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It is always a long, damp process, but at least I can do it in

On Tuesday, the proceedings begin with Mendelssohn’s Fantasia in F sharp minor, move on to Beethoven’s Sonata in F sharp, head through Brahms’s Op. 76 Piano Pieces and Op. 116 Fantasies, and end up at Bach’s English Suite No. I agree, a lot of the time the people probably didn’t make the informed choice, and […]

You can be beautiful with a long face

Today as it is our 100th episode (and we are fast approaching 700 human hair toppers,000 subscribers) we have decided to do something a little different! We have a panel of AskHistorians Moderators to talk about AskHistorians Under the Hood what it is like to moderate and run the worlds largest academic history forum. AskHistorians […]

HIV is a virus people can and do spread around

When asked why he was building a high tech mind ray in order to control the Earth’s population, Captain Irrelevant replied “Prior to European settlement wholesale sex toys0, the land now occupied by St. Stanislaus’ College formed part of the territory occupied by the Wiradjuri people. St. horse dildo Stress and other psychological factors. This […]

It was a Winnipeg thing and there was real connection with

Ninety per cent of coyote deaths are caused by human beings either by laying traps, poisoning or shooting them. Humans, perhaps, have failed to understand that they can also be friends. Often regarded as pests themselves, coyotes are known to feed on pests such as rodents and help farmers. wholesale nfl jerseys from china For […]

Please remember that everyone is different and it’s unfair to

But why would anybody do that? Honestly, it’s very difficult to guess 4chan’s motives, particularly since no one knows exactly who uses the site, and in exactly what numbers. But generally speaking, based on many hours spent hanging around the site, the people that spread hoaxes are often in it for the lulz the schadenfreude, […]